$ 50,000


$ 50,000

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Progress: 50%
Progress: 50%
Raised: $ 25405 Goal: $ 1000000


About the Campaign

$1 = 1 Breakfast!

That’s how important every dollar is to the Club!

Since 2000, Walmart Canada and the Club have partnered to raise funds that provide Canadian children with a healthy and nutritious breakfast every morning.

There are many ways you can help us reach our goal. You can donate online, register and create your own fundraising page, sponsor a fundraiser or buy a bookmark at your local Walmart.

Breakfast Club of Canada is much more than a breakfast provider. We are impacting the lives of children across Canada and increasing their chances to become active citizens. We are leading a social movement that starts with healthy food, empowerment of the children and mobilizing communities.

With over $34,000,000 raised to help support the Club, Walmart is taking action! When you donate to the Club, you are contributing to the success and positive future for our children. Breakfast is fuel for learning and concentration. Help us feed hungry minds and make every breakfast count! Together we can change the reality of many Canadian children.

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Breakfast Club of Canada in partnership with Walmart Canada have raised over $34,000,000 for School Breakfast Programs since 2000.

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